Halftone Image of Crowd




        " I hope you're reading..or else"

Ink Pen aka The Judge is the resident reader of the group. There’s a 99.9 percent chance  that if you bring up a manga he has already read it and already wrote a detail synopsis of said manga. When he is not reading you can catch him being a perfection completing every aspect a perspective title he is currently engross in. Fun fact: He loves mechs



     "Awooo to you, Gentlemen"

The token cool member of the group. Wolf’s howl in the night will have you howling for whatever video game or anime he is currently engrossed in. Fun fact: One of his favorite series is Baki


 Gear Bear 

            "I am King of the Iron Fist! "

The Tekken expert if he’s not at home gaming  he probably watching an anime with a lot of violence and killing (because that’s just what he’s in to). Fun Fact: He enjoys seeing a lot of blood



  "Black Clover, Black Clover, Black Clover"

Black Ichigo Z is the convention goer of the group Biz has attend many comic and anime conventions from various parts of the country. In addition Biz is vastly engross in shonen anime and video games hence why Black Ichigo Z comes from (Black Clover, Bleach and Dragon Ball Z).

Fun Fact: Biz puts 110% in any game he plays even if he fairs miserably which ironically  has earned him the title Almighty.



       "Get in the damn robot,Shinji!"

The Leader and foundering member of Geekz in the City. It started with a Facebook Post and from that point is history. Burger passion for telling jokes along with his love of Anime and Video games inspired him to share that love with everyone. slice of life anime are his beard and butter and if you get into a discussion with him about any type of game or anime it will be a long discussion. Fun Fact: One of his favorite series is Ace Attorney



       " Make way for me, Mr.2D! "

The co host of geekz in the City and  Introvert of the group the most your get out of a conversation with him is yo before he becomes engross in whatever game he is currently playing (mostly likely Smash Brothers) Despite his dislike for people Bonds does enjoy having lively discussion on games and anime he loves as long as you bring up the right anime or video game at the right time. Fun Fact: He’s working to get an art degree