Pod 2 Pod

Podcast to Podcast is a segment where we dig into the minds of other podcast groups and learn
about their interest and views on various subjects. The world of podcasting is a growing and ever
changing platform therefore we like to get into the motives and drive of their each podcast we
featured. We connect with each podcast group feature on our show on levels that’s engaging to
listens. In addition we seek an understanding of why these groups uses this platform as a means
to deliver their message to their audience and in return learn how we can grow as a group. By
welcoming new podcast into our inner circle not only do we hope to draw different listeners with
different interest, but also learn new things that we can incorporate into our own podcast
discussions. After all you can find any subject in an anime and video games if you look hard
enough. Furthermore anime and video games are subjects known around the world so it’s only
fitting that a group that focuses on those topics feature various groups of various subjects.
Whether it’s food, sports, animals or even stamp collecting if you have a podcast where you
discuss your passion we welcome you with open arms.

The 2 Ninja kick back

The 2 Ninja Kick Back
00:00 / 25:12

The two man show about nothing but everything we cover everything from finding beautiful things in depression to cheating in halo we even give a few takes on hip hop and what you should be playing before everyone gets to it. join the fast growing gaming and hip pop culture movement, ever episode is a deeper dive into learning what to smoke, what to play, and what's happening in hip pop!

Burger's Thoughts


"Gotta say after speaking with Cameron he is one of the most genuine people I've met. This was literally the first time we spoke and felt like we knew each other for years. The 2 Ninja Kick back is hilarious and its quickly become one of my favorite podcast. Check out my man Cam and his Co-Host Tone and kick back because your in for a ride"



A weekly tech show I talk and rant about the weeks in tech. The podcast also includes Gaming, Software, Gadget reviews and various other topics revolving around tech in society throughout our daily lives.

Leon LaGrey
00:00 / 26:44

"Easy to talk and so informative about tech that surrounds him. The PC world may seem very scary at first but Luke makes it sound so easy. Thanks to him I was able to upgrade my own personal PC and get this it didn't even cost that much. Check out his podcast its pretty dope."

Burger's Thoughts